Our Purpose

We espouse that the best goals are those that are clearly defined.  To that end we have embraced the clearest of missions; SAVE LIVES.

The most important tools we have to achieve our mission are what we know and believe about ourselves and others.  Here are our tools…


The Hales Corners Police Department is an organization dedicated to the duty of service to all persons.  It is the Vision of our organization to create an atmosphere of cooperative partnership with the Community toward the common goals of protecting life and safeguarding property.  Through cooperation; problems of crime or disorder can be identified, solutions found, safety improved, and quality of life enhanced for all persons.  In these endeavors, the decisions and actions of the members of the Hales Corners Police Department shall always reflect professionalism, integrity, and humility.


Duty:  We are bound by sacred oath to support the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the state of Wisconsin, and to fulfill the obligations bestowed upon us by the Village of Hales Corners. It establishes the standard that every Department member fulfills their responsibilities to the best of their ability.

Service:  Service is defined as the provision of helpful assistance to other people; therefore, we employ our resources to the benefit and assistance of others.  Although communal in nature, we do acknowledge that service is personally satisfying.  In simplest terms, we exist to help others and that is both; an obligation and a gift.

Life:  Above all else, we value human life.

Cooperation:  Cooperation accounts for the greatest strength of our Nation, “E Pluribus Unum” or “Out of Many One.”  It is the acknowledgement that synergy is wholly realized when the true value of diversity is understood and the dignity of all people protected.  Cooperation by its nature manifests allegiance to the Department, the Village, the State, and the Country.

Integrity:  Opinion, favor, impulse, or adversity shall never influence the discretion entrusted to us.  We have the courage to base our decisions and actions in accordance with the highest principles applicable. It is necessary that each member never does anything to betray their relationship with the Profession, the Department, the Village, the State or the Country.

Humility:  We acknowledge that while we are important, every other person is important as well. Because of this we choose to accept the obligation to put duty before self and to serve others.  We understand that cooperation and integrity are the foundation for the public’s trust; which without, we lose the authority to fulfill our mission. We stand ready to protect life above all else.