Sworn Officers of Hales Corners

The below named persons have all taken the Oath of Office as a

Police Officer in the Village of Hales Corners.

Individually, each made a commitment of service to others.

Together they have made the Village a safe place which fosters a true community.

David Geary

Carl Jungbluth

Richard Twelmeyer

Howard Hingiss

Michael Wolke

Harold Phelan

Donald Rosenbauer

Harvey Laufenberg

Herbert Miller

Edward Larsen

Jack Janz

Michael Krahn

Gary Lindenlaub

Wayne Romeis

Joel Jurkowski

Richard Pawlak

Timothy Rynders

R. Scott Dorenbos

Kent Bieganski

DuWayne Dzibinski

Kent Schoonover

Richard Manske

Diane Barsuli

David Meyer

Edbeirto Nazarrio

John Lang

Steven Murphy

Philip Turner

Paul Brantman

Martin Schulties

James Braun

Brent Kroll

Dean Schoenleber

Eric Cera

Glenn Stritchko

Jennifer Liermann

Paul Weber

Sonia Teran

Luke Warnke

Anthony Henner

Andrew Jacobi

Richard VonDrasek

Douglas Sayeg

Michael Peterson

Justin Landry

Kaivon Souri

Blake Nelson

Nicholas Zellmer

Stacey Bahr

Christopher Heckman

Steffen Pawlak

Laura Brustmann

Christopher Birmingham

William Kunkel

Ryan Speich

Chad Cowdy

Nickolas Boneck

Kyle Chucka

Josh Jewell

Vincent Piacentine

Joseph Becker

Jordan Cooper

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  1. A Citizen says:

    Hello, if you keep in contact with former officers, or are able to forward messages.
    To Gary Lindenlaub. A little 30 years ago, you helped with a situation, I was bullied (back then people really had little awareness of it), that reached the point of a minor assault. I have a poor memory, but I do know you made a difference. From you and I’m sure other HPD officers at the time, I learned to respect and more importantly, look up to and trust the Police.

    Due to a family member’s health issues, we did end up seeing you some what regularly a few years later when we had to call the rescue squad and you’d be the officer to show up at times.

    Thank you, you have made a difference, and to be totally honest, you planted a seed in that 10, 11, 12 year old boy’s head that officers served the public and weren’t something to be scared of. Thank you.

  2. Royce says:

    You need to update your officer list. I see names there for some that are no longer on staff with the department.

    • hcpd12 says:

      Thank you for visiting our website.

      You are correct, most of the officers on this list are no longer with the Department. This page reflects the history of the Department and as such the names of all the officers past a present are here.

      The current staff is reflected on the Organizational Structure page.

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