Employment Benefits

Regular, full-time sworn employees of the Village of Hales Corners Police Department are eligible for a number of benefits, including:

o Health Insurance – The Village’s insurance carrier is United Health Care. Plan options are single, family, member/dependent and member / spouse. Employees pay 10% of premium.

o Dental Insurance – Comprehensive dental coverage through United Health Care includes orthodontics. Employees pay 10% of premium.

o Life Insurance – Underwritten by Minnesota Life Insurance, employees may elect from one to two times their annual salary in life insurance coverage. Spouse and dependent coverage is also available. Employees are eligible the first day of the month following 30 days from the date of hire or the first day of the month following 30 days from the date of the qualifying family status change event.

o Income Continuation Insurance – This is a short term disability program which provides employees with continued income in the event of disability. Premiums are based on your annual salary and waiting period chosen (30 to 180 days). Participation for eligible employees is mandatory. The employee pays the entire premium. Employees are eligible the first day of the month following their start date the current rate is $10.25 per month.

o Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) – A percentage of your gross earnings are contributed to this pension program. The current contribution rates (2020) are 13.50% for general employees and 18.49% for protective service employees. An employee contribution is required and is currently 6.75% and employer contribution is 6.75% for general employees and 11.74% for protective service occupations. Rates are subject to State of Wisconsin Investment Board annual review.

o Deferred Compensation Program – This 457 plan allows employees to defer a portion of their earnings, on a pre-tax basis, into a variety of investment options. Two deferred compensation programs are currently available. o Medical / Dependent Care Reimbursement – Employees may set aside money on a pre-tax basis to pay for qualifying out of pocket medical and dependent care expenses as payroll deductions. The Village uses United Health Care to manage the claims and a smart credit card is provided to enrolled employees for ease of use of funding. Receipts are still required to be maintained and submitted to the carrier on request. o Vision Insurance – The Village offers a vision program. Exams have $10 copay and glasses/contacts are partially covered by the plan.

o Vacation – Employees earn between 8 and 18 hours a month. Actual earnings depend on seniority with the department.

o Holidays – The Village has eleven (11) paid holidays o Sick Leave – Employees earn 8 hours each month.

o Educational Program – The village offers partial tuition reimbursement for officers who attend career related college courses beyond an Associate’s Degree subject to notice prior to enrollment and limited to.

o Educational Incentive – Employees are eligible to receive an annual payment if the employee possesses an education degree in an area of study related to police work.

o Associate Degree = $100 per year o Bachelor’s Degree = $300 per year o Master’s Degree = $500 per year.

Benefits may differ based on union contracts for employees represented by a collective bargaining unit. This summary is intended to provide individuals interested in employment with the Village of Hales Corners Police Department an overview of the benefit package available. The information listed here is subject to change or revocation without notice. This summary shall not constitute a contract or guarantee, express or implied.